Day 86: Coming Attractions

Pretty much how I’m feeling today.

Oh, man. I am sore. Again. Always. How many posts have I started like this? I should count.

Yesterday morning, as I mentioned, we did Front Squat maxes and then Push Presses, Sit-Ups, and Wall Balls, and today we did Dead Lift maxes and then more Dead Lifts, Squat Jumps, and some running. Ouch! But, I have a new deadlift max! The last time I went through the process of getting my max was almost exactly 2 months ago, and I have gone up from 135 lbs to 150 lbs! Woo!

However, the last time we did Dead Lift maxes I also spent the next 3 days wearing a heat pack to the office. So let’s hope that doesn’t happen again. Pretty much today nothing is safe. I guess my pecs don’t hurt, and my calves don’t hurt…but everything else does!

With my 90th Day rapidly approaching I wanted to remind everyone about The Ascent Blog! If you go to right now you will find basically this blog but in a different format at a new address. I have been talking to the wonderful WordPress people who are going to help migrate all of my followers (that’s you guys!) once I am ready to make the full switch. But head on over there and let me know what you like or dislike about the new layout!

Also, I have already started writing some stuff that I am excited to put up once I switch over to The Ascent Blog! My first few posts are going to be a series about nutrition and food in general. I have tried to start writing those posts here but always end up feeling like there is WAY more information than I can (or would want to) put into just one post…Not just about Paleo, but about the American diet in general, my relationship with food, and the technical studies, environmental factors, and even the emotions that influence my decisions about what to put in my body. I’ve really enjoyed writing it so far and I think you are going to like it!

In other news, switching back to Paleo has proven to be a little more challenging than anticipated. It’s been pretty dang warm in this city for the past few days, and since we don’t have AC that makes us very very reluctant to cook and release any more heat into our house. So last night we used a coupon we had and ordered pizza. Granted we got the gluten-free polenta crust (which was terrible, frankly), but I mean it was still covered in probably-sugary tomato sauce and lots of cheese. Oh well.

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