Day 80: More(!) CrossFit Fitspo

Ok, before I even get started I need to tell you that all of these images are from THRUSTR, an amazing tumblr site that I found last night. The site is packed with CrossFit badass-ness… this is only a tiny sample. So, essentially, this entire post is a (totally unsolicited, real and genuine) recommendation that you go waste a few hours of your day perusing the rest of the photos. I know that after looking at some of these women I was left thinking, “I can’t wait to be able to do a muscle-up!” “How amazing are those LATS?” and, most importantly, “Where can I get spandex like that!?” Enjoy 🙂

I don’t even want to know how many reps they’ve been doing to get a pain face with that light of a bar with lats that size…

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2 Responses to Day 80: More(!) CrossFit Fitspo

  1. Jealous of everyone on here lol. One day! Great inspiration!

  2. joyintheday says:

    That’s what I want to be when I grow up.

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