Day 79: Two for Two!

First of all, thank you all so much for the sweet comments and messages about my latest photos! It has obviously been a LOT of hard work but I really feel like I can finally see some real changes in my body and that is a great feeling. I try to not put too much value in the size or shape of my body as long as I am being healthy and active, but it still feels good to tighten up the belly just a bit 🙂

In other news: I have gone to CrossFit every day this week so far! Aka… Monday and Tuesday. Two whole days of back-to-back CrossFit. Granted I am not going today because of a work obligation (which is the only reason I went last night in the first place), but nonetheless I think this was my first time doing 2 back-to-back WODs! Sorry body, no recovery time for you!

Monday’s WOD started with a mini-workshop on Clean Pulls (just the shrug portion of a clean where you just pop back and lift your shoulders up) and Power Cleans from the Power Position, aka cleans that start just above your knees instead of taking it all the way to the ground. I did fine with the Clean Pulls but struggled big time with the Power Clean/Power Position concept–basically I just started to way overthink everything, which is never a good idea. I would pull the bar up, but when it came time to drop under the bar and transfer it onto my chest “shelf,” I kept dropping it because my mind went “Drop – Wait! No! – Ah! Wait, that was right!” Even though my Power Clean max is 90 lbs, I was struggling with 65 lbs and ended up finishing the set with just the 35 lbs bar.

The WOD itself was 5 rounds of AMRAP 30 seconds of toes-to-bar and 30 seconds of double-unders with 30 seconds of rest between rounds. And I am proud to report that I linked 20 DU’s for the first time! My previous max of linked DU’s was somewhere in the 2-3 neighborhood. And then I got to 20 and thought “WOOHOO! I DID 20!” and then of course my excitement got the best of me and I tripped on the 21st.

Yesterday’s WOD was 3 rounds of Burpees>Power Snatch>Box Jump>Thrusters>Pull-Ups, doing 1 minute of each of those in a row without resting and then taking a 1 minute break in-between rounds. It was exhausting. And it was the first time I’d done the Power Snatch and I was all over the place. Needless to say, between those, the thrusters, and the Power Shrugs and Power Cleans from Monday, today my shoulders are TOAST. Even just lifting my water bottle at work is a little painful. Hard to not feel like a wuss when picking up a water bottle makes you whimper…

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6 Responses to Day 79: Two for Two!

  1. Awesome job on the Double-Unders!! 🙂
    And Burpees plus anything is impressive.. to finish rounds of anything that include burpees is quite an accomplishment!

    • Yes! I am so glad I am not the only one who feels that way about burpees. We were supposed to keep a running tally of our reps throughout the entire WOD for a final cumulative score (so, if I got 15 burpees I would move onto Clean Jerks and start counting at 16, etc), and TJ kept saying “Keep going on the burpees! This is where you can get your numbers up!” — YEAH RIGHT.

  2. Cheez Wiz says:

    Congrats on the DU’s girl! Next time I see you you’ll probably smoke me! 🙂

  3. joyintheday says:

    Do you have trouble putting on mascara on days like this? Because I do. And it hurts to lift my arms:)

    • Oh man I never wear mascara anyway so I can’t imagine trying to apply it on a day like today! But definitely when I tried to wash my hair this morning I had to bend way over because I couldn’t lift my arms up to reach my head…

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