Day 72: Muscle Ups & The Ascent Blog

First of all, let’s talk about last night’s WOD. 20 minute AMRAP (which stands for As Many Reps As Possible… 20 minutes is a long AMRAP, folks) of 2 muscle ups, 4 handstand push-ups, and 8 kettlebell swings. I can’t even come close to doing a muscle up (which is where you use rings that are suspended pretty high off the ground and push yourself up to where your arms are straight and you are supporting yourself in the rings – the picture above [which I’m about 95% sure I’ve posted before] is of a very badass CrossFit athlete about halfway into a muscle up) so I did 6 ring dips and 6 pull-ups instead. I was hoping for 10 sets but ended up with 13! At this point in my CrossFit adventure I have learned that if I do way better than I thought I would, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I actually am amazing but that I didn’t scale it correctly. Meaning, I probably should have used a 35 lbs kettlebell instead of 30 lbs, and I should have used 2.5 bands for pull-ups instead of 3. But I’ll take it! Also, after a day of climbing followed by all those handstand push-ups and ring dips, I’m pretty sure my shoulders are about ready to disown me.

In other news:Ā Last week I talked about how after the 90 days of my 90 Days of Crossfit are up, I am going to switch this blog around just a tiny bit (don’t panic!). And I’ve come up with a new blog name! So starting in about 3 weeks, this blog will be rechristened The Ascent Blog and changed over to Right now that URL doesn’t point to much, and you will still be able to put in and it will take you to the new address in case you forget. But I just wanted you all to know!

Me in the Ouray Ice Park last spring. Potentially the most awesome photo I have of myself… not afraid to admit it!

I picked the new name because I think the word “ascent” really sums up my goals for CrossFit and my goals as an outdoor athlete. I am reluctant to give up this URL because it is so self-explanatory, but I am hoping to grow this blog to be a little more than just WOD recaps and talking about how sore I am, and I hope you will all continue to come check it out.

Also, as far as I know, if you are subscribed to this blog you will automatically become subscribed to the new blog when I make the switch (which, again, won’t happen for another 3ish weeks).

What do you think? Am I committing blog suicide here? I hope not…

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2 Responses to Day 72: Muscle Ups & The Ascent Blog

  1. StacyLynne says:

    You do what feels right for you (however I best be getting the new blog posts since I’m email subscribed) šŸ™‚ I think ascend is a good word. It describes what we thrive for. Higher reps/weight/endurance/box height…lol.

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