Day 68: Choose Your Own Adventure

Editor’s Note: Apparently when I get hopped up on caffeine I only write in short, choppy sentences. So there’s that.

I have a confession to make. I have had a lot of coffee today. Well, one cup. But that’s a lot when you haven’t had coffee in over a month. And I am WIRED. Like, borderline nausea-inducing, about to start screaming just to release some pressure, hand-shaking amounts of excess energy. It’s bad, guys.

Anyway. I have been thinking a lot about this blog in general. I am loving writing all the time and am also loving all the funny blog relationships that I have been building. Blog communities are a funny thing, but I am really starting to appreciate it! I also like going to my gym and have people tell me that they read my blog. It’s kind of funny and a little embarrassing to know that people I actually know in real life can hear the inner workings of my brain, but mostly it’s just great. That being said, you may have noticed that I am only 3 weeks away from reaching my 90 Days of CrossFit goal! Which means that this blog is going to change just a little bit. So I want to ask you guys some questions about why you read my random thoughts and what you want to see more of! I have no idea if this is going to work, but I’m optimistic.

Because let’s face it, you guys are some smart cookies. Gluten-free cookies.

Ok, so:

1. What do you like about this blog? What brought you here the first time?

2. What do you want to see more of?

3. What are you sick of?

4. If you could re-name this blog, what would you call it?

Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance for taking the time to visit my blog, read my crazy thoughts, and leave some comment love. Now I am going to go sprint down the hall and shake my face a bunch to try to get rid of this insane coffee buzz. No more caffeine for me for a while. Good grief.

Bonus question (for those of you who like this kind of thing – which is hopefully a lot of you): If you could have one super power, what would it be? (I would want to ability to speak every language, including being able to talk to animals!)

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8 Responses to Day 68: Choose Your Own Adventure

  1. StacyLynne says:

    I think I originally got routed here by a picture you posted ( I like those). And since then I have subsribed and look forward to receiving your blog in my e-mail. What keeps me reading is your humor. The less seriousness, the ability to knock yourself and yet praise yourself in a humourous matter is refreshing. At the same time you were going thru ur Paleo challenge, I was going thru an Eat Clean Train Dirty challenge at my own box (test out is tomorrow) so I was able to relate to your deprivation (coffee being one as well, can’t wait to have my first cup this Sunday). I hope you do keep this going. I have shared so much of what you have written with fellow crossfitters.

    Port CrossFit, Long Island, NY

    • Thank you, StacyLynne! My favorite part about this blog is when I hear that other people are going through the same stuff – makes me feel a little better about how hard CrossFit can be to know that I am not the only one who finds this all just a little ridiculous 🙂 And good luck with the coffee… I had a single cup of coffee literally 6 hours ago and my hands are still shaking.

  2. Kyle says:

    I originally found your blog somewhere on Pinterest. I had just started CrossFit two weeks before you and so your blog became my “sister in suffering” as you were going through all the same battles, feelings, etc. that I was. I keep coming back because I love hearing your adventures, seeing your progress, reading your insights, and knowing that even though we don’t workout together, we still workout together (if that makes sense). 🙂 I like your blog just the way it is! Thanks for sharing your journey!

    • I love the way you put that, “Even though we don’t workout together, we still workout together”! So true, I know exactly what you mean and that is what I love about CrossFit and being a part of a bizarre yet seriously loyal group of people who just ‘get it’ even if you don’t actually know them 🙂 Thanks for reading, I always love your comments and insight!

  3. Thomas Cox says:

    1. like the stories. cool to see how CF has helped you in everyday life. Saw Pic on Pintrest thats how i started following it
    2. PICs Gym, coaches, Videos of PR’s also i made the SUSHI and it did not turn out real good. could not handle the Seaweed. would love to see more EASY Paleo Recipes.
    3. Do not like LONG POSTS. want to be done reading in 2-3 min

    • Thanks Thomas! Sorry the sushi wasn’t a hit 😦 I will definitely try to post more recipes. I also like your point about shorter posts… I am trying to remember to start bringing a camera to the gym to take more photos and videos, too.

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