Day 66: Killin It

Ok, I’m just gonna throw this out there. I killed it last night with my Jackie re-test. My goal was to take 10 seconds off my original time of 14:00, but I finished in 11:31 – a 2:29 difference, and I went from 3 bands to 2.5 bands for the pull-ups! That is a pretty huge difference to see in only one month. Maybe I counted my chickens a little early with this whole Paleo challenge thing!

We also re-measured and the measuring tape thinks I lost a full inch off each thigh. I really do not think this is a reality because my skinny jeans are still just as skinny as ever and I feel like losing an entire inch from each leg would make a dramatic difference in the way my clothes fit. But apart from that I did lose at least 1/2 inch from both my hips and waist, which is always good news. This winter I bought a really cute belt at a thrift store, of course without trying it on, and it was too small, but now not only can I wear it, I am on the 2nd belt hole! Like I said at the beginning of the challenge, I think that Month 2 of CrossFit was a great time to do a challenge like this as far as body composition is concerned, because I feel like my first month was spent mostly with my body in shock. However I have heard that it takes your body an average of about 4 months after starting a drastically new training routine before your muscles can figure out what’s going on and you performance is optimized during the workout. After seeing my improvements just in the past month, I am really excited to see what will keep happening!

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