Day 65: Color!

Whew. Took a little break from technology this weekend, and it felt great. Also took a little 3-day break from CrossFit, which also felt great. But tonight we are back at it to re-test Jackie (100-m row, 50 thrusters, and 30 pull-ups) and officially complete the Paleo challenge. I am interested to see if my time changes. TJ has already announced that everyone (most people re-tested on Sunday) improved their times, so I hope I’m not the curve breaker! I am optimistic because when we did Jackie last month I had done an 8-hour shift of ziplining the day before, leaving me with super tired shoulders. So hopefully my shoulders are ready to rock tonight. My time last month was 14:00 flat. I am hoping for a 10-second improvement or better. We’ll find out I guess.

But now that the Paleo challenge is over I am back to eating some very exciting foods that I have been missing – namely brown rice and Whatever Salad Dressing I Want. I know, I’m going wild over here. But it really was great to have some brown rice with my egg this morning and go out to lunch and order a salad with caesar dressing. I am trying to not totally undo any progress from the past month all at once. I even did pretty good this weekend with Memorial Day. I don’t think I really had any bad foods all weekend except for a beer and 2 glasses of wine (total, not all at once… I am a major lightweight, people).

Post-Color Run

The best part about this weekend was the Color Run! It’s a 5k race which takes place all over the country, but this one was held at City Park in Denver. At registration every racer is given a packet of powdered dye and a white t-shirt, and during the race at each kilometer (roughly) there is a station where volunteers throw powdered dye at you. So by the end of the race you are covered in dye, and then at the finish line there is a big party where everyone just spends about 30 minutes having a major dye fight. You don’t exactly run it for time (in fact there wasn’t even a clock) and it was so crowded that we had to do a lot of stopping and going, but it was just a super fun event.

Also I realized this weekend that the half marathon I’m supposed to do is less than 10 weeks away… so I really need to start doing some more serious running. I scheduled a 3-mile run with myself last night but ended up not exactly following through (that was where the 2 glasses of wine came in), so hopefully tomorrow I can go for an evening jog around the neighborhood and start building up my mileage. Do you run and do CrossFit? How do you balance training runs with CrossFit soreness?

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One Response to Day 65: Color!

  1. I did the Color Run here in Wisconsin a couple weekends ago! It really was so much fun, and totally showed me how out of shape I really am! But, hey it was for fun right? Good luck with the times today! Im sure you will kick butt!

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