Day 60: More Truths for CrossFit Beginners

I’ve definitely used this image before in this blog, but I love it, so here ya go.

2 months down, folks! I can’t believe I have been doing this for only 2 months, it feels like CrossFit has been a part of my life for way longer. I did a post like this at the end of Month 1 and I really had fun with it, so I thought I would do another one today! So here ya go, round 2 of Truths for Crossfit Beginners.

1. This was in my first post but is worth repeating because I hear about this all the time: The concept of getting in shape before starting CrossFit is ridiculous. You are going to get your butt handed to you no matter what. Just get in there and get going already.

2. Linking double-unders is a myth.

3. Despite the infinite number of ways to incorporate bacon and sweet potatoes into every meal, paleo is not for everyone.

4. If you can move all of your body parts with full range of motion the day after a WOD, you didn’t try hard enough.

5. Looking at a WOD and thinking Oh that won’t be so bad is the best way to guarantee that you are about to begin the hardest hour of your life.

6. Progenex is worth the money.

7. I am borrowing this point from the wonderful blog of another woman who goes to Crossfit Jai because I think it’s great: “If you go to a CF gym that makes you feel bad about your fitness level RUN far FAR away!” CrossFit should be a supportive community that makes you want to be a better athlete and a better person. Not a place where you feel judged by your stinky gym shorts or inability to do a single pull-up (by the way I am guilty of both of those things).

8. In many situations, putting chalk on your hands does actually make you stronger.

9. There are 2 types of CrossFit athletes: Those who have cried after a WOD, and those who haven’t cried after a WOD yet.

10. It is not about whether or not you can do something, because you can do anything. It’s about what it is going to take to get you there, and whether or not you’re willing to believe in yourself enough to get started.

Ok, your turn, you CrossFit savvy folks! What did I miss?

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7 Responses to Day 60: More Truths for CrossFit Beginners

  1. Brandon says:

    It takes a lot of drive to perform well during a WOD, but it takes a lot of self-control to know when to stop yourself and not get injured. On my first official WOD after foundations, I pulled my lower back and neck doing cleans and haven’t been right since.

  2. Nick Momrik says:

    Can you give a little more info about what you’ve found from your use of Progenex?

    • Definitely. First of all, before switching to Progenex I was using just whatever whey powder was on sale, which was usually pretty chalky tasting so I had to put it in a smoothie and drink it that way. One thing I really like about Progenex is that it tastes good enough to drink when it’s mixed with just water, which means that I can bring it with me to the gym and drink it right away after my workout, which is ideal for muscle recovery. The major difference I’ve found is that I am not as sore the next day when I drink Progenex compared to when I use other protein powders, and the soreness that I do have doesn’t last as long, which means I can be more active on my off days instead of just wanting to sit in an ice bath, and also means that when I do get back to the gym I am ready to go and not still hurting from the last WOD.

  3. So inspiring again. I think I am going to do it. I think I am going to finally sign up for some classes. Ahh! All because of this blog, and my one friend who I am pretty sure is addicted!

  4. veronica729 says:

    Hi there. I’m a mother of two. I just had my son 4 months ago and began Crossfit/Paleo once I gor clearance from the doc shortly after 40days of giving birth. which makes this week my 12th week. Not too far behind you. I actually did a free class at my gym and couldn’t move for an entire week. Mind you, no lifts, just sit ups, box jumps, KB swings and the movement everyone loves…burpees. I was addicted instantly. I wake up at 5:45am to be there at 6:30am with a newborn. It has given me the energy, I thought I wouldn’t have after having a baby again 7 years later. Wow! Its been amazing I look really good (I think) for the short amount of time I have been doing it. One point you missed….THE CHEATERS. I always count ALL my reps especially since I’m a newbie. I have worked out with people at my level and I know for a fact they cheat on their reps when its an AMRAP and reduce time when its timed. It annoys me but I now that every rep counts and I’d rather finish a WOD last than cheat myself out of my own money. Does this happen at your gym? It’s so stupid.

    • Holy cow you are so motivated! Way to go! We usually do our WODs in the evening and this morning we did our first early morning WOD and my boyfriend had to practically pry me out of bed! As for the cheaters, luckily that isn’t really an issue at our gym. CrossFit Jai is pretty small as far as CrossFit gyms go, and everyone there seems really committed to being genuine about it. If anything I am probably the biggest cheater there because I am apparently incapable of counting in my head and always lose count! I can imagine how frustrating that would be though, people letting their competitiveness take over their desire to actually do it right… Seems like they are missing the whole point of CrossFit.

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