Day 50: Halfway Progress Photos + Measurements

Today I am SORE. Yesterday’s WOD was 5 rounds of 10 deadlifts, 10 lunges holding a plate overhead, and 10 ball slams. I finished in 9:16, 3rd of 10 in the WOD, but less because I killed it and more due to the fact that I vastly underestimated the amount of weight I needed to use. But, it still felt pretty good. I used 95 lbs for the deadlift, and 15 lbs each for the squat and ball slams. I think I should have probably been using 110-115 for the deadlifts, 20 or 30 for the lunges, and 20 for the slam balls. The Boyfriend did 195 lbs deadlifts and 40 lbs for ball slams, not sure how much for the lunges, but finished at 13:00 because he was working so much harder. I was linking all 10 deadlifts through the last set – not necessarily something that I should have been able to do! But maybe this means that my max deadlift has gone up, which would be exciting. However, it will be weeks before I can test that theory because my butt is so sore today that walking is a struggle. Oh, CrossFit. I also worked that zipline course again on Saturday, so my upper back is pretty exhausted. Both of these facts made tonight’s WOD – which was 250 m run, 40 back squats, 250 m run, 40 push presses, 250 m run, 40 deadlifts – just a total party. As always.

Anyway, today I am posting my official halfway measurements and photos. I know that I just did some progress photos about 10 days ago, but  I have lost a few additional pounds thanks to this Paleo challenge, so I wanted to get the halfway photos in here too. I’m now down a total of about 5-6 lbs since starting this whole ordeal (I try to weigh myself at the same time every day like everyone says to do, but my weight still varies up to a pound on a day-to-day basis), which I think is pretty good since I really didn’t have too much weight to lose in the first place. Also because I have been trying to get rid of that 5 lbs in various ways for about 2 years (since gaining a total of about 10 lbs while traveling and eating extreme amounts of delicious food during a 2-month stay in Argentina), so it’s nice to finally say goodbye to them!

Oh! Also, I think I forgot to mention that last week we did “Helen” again – the Benchmark WOD we did the last night of our Elements class – and not only did I take 52 seconds off my time (from 14:21 to 13:29!), I also used a 30-pound kettlebell instead of a 20-pound one, and 2.5 resistance bands instead of 3 for the pull-ups! The BF added 23 seconds to his time (from 10:32 to 10:55), but went from a 35-pound kettlebell and 1 resistance band to doing the full prescribed WOD with a 55-pound kettlebell and no resistance bands on the pull-ups. What a stud.

Let’s be honest, my photos really don’t look that different. That’s what happens when you use your iPhone to take photos in a room with some pretty harsh lighting. But, my measurements are looking pretty good!

Left: April 1 –  131.5 lbs.\Waist 30\Hips 35\Butt 40\R thigh 22\L thigh 22.5\R calf 15\ L calf 15\R bicep flexing 11.5\L bicep flexing 11.5

Right: May 14 – 126.5 lbs.\Waist 28.5\Hips 34\Butt 38\R thigh 21.5\L thigh 21.5\R calf 15\L calf 15\R bicep flexing 11.5\L bicep flexing 11.5

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6 Responses to Day 50: Halfway Progress Photos + Measurements

  1. Girl dont kid yourself! There is a total difference in the pictures! You look great! And sounds like you are doing great! Congratulations!

    • Ha! Thanks Sara! I guess I should be more specific – not a big difference between these and the ones I just posted last week. I think my side profile has definitely changed, and I definitely feel a lot more toned!

  2. haley says:

    Great progress! You look fantastic and your blog is very inspiring im in Eugene OR, love hiking biking etc and trying to get in shape eating basically paleo and with strength training. Just wanted to let you know I identify with you and love reading your blog…dont think I’ll be doing cross fit but you’re inspiring me to push my limits and change for the better


  3. Kristin says:

    Great job on your progress! I’d love to try Crossfit-between my “bad” knees, an elbow injury, and an empty wallet I think it’s not in the cards now. 😦 Out of curiosity, how tall are you?

    • Hi Kristin! I’m 5’3. And yeah, CrossFit isn’t super easy on your joints – it is hard to injure yourself doing CrossFit but if you are already injured I think it would be pretty hard!

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