Day 49: Paleo Sushi

Friday night’s Paleo Sushi dinner was a big success. Not gonna lie, it was kind of an experiment, and I am very relieved that it went as well as it did. We had a total of about 12 people crammed into our 10×16 living room – our plans to play cornhole and/or Koob and hang out in the yard were foiled when it decided to rain the entire evening. But, the sushi was great, and I think it was a successful kick-off to the weekly Paleo dinners that TJ wants to put on during the Paleo challenge!

Paleo Sushi

Ingredients (this will make enough sushi for about 10 people):

Seaweed sheets (you can find these in the Asian section of most grocery stores, and you will probably want 2-3 for each person)

5-6 large sweet potatoes (cooked and mashed)

12 avocados (raw, mashed)

2 large red peppers (raw, sliced in long slivers)

3 large cucumbers (raw, sliced in long slivers)

4 large carrots (raw, shredded)

1 large bunch asparagus (cooked)

~1 lbs. steak (sliced up fajita-style, cooked medium rare – I think we probably could have done 1.5 lbs of this and it would have gotten eaten)

~1 lbs. chicken (sliced up fajita style, cooked)

~1 lbs. shrimp (chopped, cooked)

~1 lbs. bacon (chopped, cooked)

We sliced and cooked most of the ingredients the night before and stored them in tupperware overnight in the fridge. This was especially important for the sweet potatoes, because we used the mashed sweet potato as a substitute for rice, and it seemed a lot more willing to stick together when it was chilled and, frankly, a little old.

You start out by laying the sheet of seaweed out in front of you. Spread a small scoop of mashed sweet potatoes or avocado onto the lower half of the seaweed, then fill it length-wise with whatever ingredients you want. Roll your sushi pretty tight and seal it by sprinkling a few drops of water on the top lip of the seaweed before you finish the roll. This video, starting at about 4:25, gives a pretty good tutorial for rolling your own sushi. This person spreads rice over the whole seaweed sheet, but I found that since sweet potatoes (and especially avocado) is a little mushier than rice, just doing half the roll makes it a little more manageable.

Also, this process is going to be a LOT easier if you have a nice, sharp knife. That seaweed does not go easily into the night.

Unfortunately in the hustle and bustle of trying to host 12 people, I only managed to take one picture of the entire night (the sushi photo pictured above). Oh, and then last night (after an 8 hour shift of running a zipline tour, partially in the rain, at my 2nd job) I fell way off the wagon and ate an entire box of mac & cheese for dinner. And it was way worth it.

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