Day 44: From Cheez (and a new blog layout!)

Editor’s Note: First of all, apparently the blog theme I was using has been deactivated in some fashion, so I hope you like my new look!

More importantly, yesterday after I posted about feeling inspired, Cheez (who is sadly no longer a trainer at CrossFit Jai but keeps up with my life via my blog and Words With Friends) posted this as a comment on my Facebook. I loved it and wanted to share it with all of you fine people. I hope you enjoy it, and have a great Wednesday! 

What inspires me has been an ever evolving thought rumbling around this dome of mine ever since I started CrossFit. What is it about this pursuit of fitness that drives me every day? Is it something external…watching the Games and seeing seemingly super human feats of fitness, strength, and mind over body? Is it from the countless articles and websites around CrossFit that I read daily? Is it something internal…the personal goal setting and achieving those goals, PRs, and complex movements? Is it the memory of what life was like before CrossFit and the fears that way of life brought me for my lifelong health? Is it the progress and lifelong health that CrossFit has already brought me?
As I sit here today and reflect with a fresh perspective on all that fitness and CrossFit has brought into my life I am completely, totally, and many other “ly” ending words worth of humbled and thankful! However, what I find myself going back to when thinking about this is not how much all I’ve listed above fulfill and inspire me, but how much THE PEOPLE AROUND ME DO. Our CrossFit family is one not easy duplicated, especially at our CrossFit Jai box here in Denver, and the culture CrossFit has bred continues to astonish and inspire me every day. So with that in mind I can now clearly speak to what it is that inspires me daily…
MY INSPIRATION COMES FROM watching new members dive head first into something very foreign and downright scary at times and NEVER making up an excuse as to why they are struggling and failing time and again to hit those first milestones!
MY INSPIRATION COMES FROM seeing people work continuously to achieve seemingly unattainable goals just weeks earlier and witnessing the joy and sense of relief when that first kipping pullup, set of double unders, muscle up, etc. is finally under their belt!
MY INSPIRATION COMES FROM those same people discussing minutes later the next goal or PR they have in mind!
MY INSPIRATION COMES FROM not only from those around me killing PRs but also from those that are the last to finish their WOD just under the time cutoff drenched in sweat and/or tears, body trembling, and pulling through the workout with nothing but pure heart and determination!
MY INSPIRATION COMES FROM seeing seemingly machine-like athletes struggle with lifting movements and break down their ego to ask for help from an athlete half their size.
MY INSPIRATION COMES FROM hearing fellow members cheer on people they met less than an hour ago to push them through a WOD.
MY INSPIRATION COMES FROM coaches that put other’s fitness before their own, often to their own detriment and setting down of their personal goals.
MY INSPIRATION COMES FROM hoping I can inspire.
What inspires you?…

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