Day 43: Feeling Inspired


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This morning TJ posted a link on Crossfit Jai’s Facebook page to a story about Chris Spealler, one of the athletes who competed in this past weekend’s SW Regional games and came from behind to snag 3rd place and the final spot in the SW to the CrossFit Games. The article didn’t really say much about his actual performance at regionals – what his times were or how many reps he did – but talked about how inspiring Chris Spealler is as an athlete, and how his 3rd place finish was, in some ways, even more remarkable than those who finished 1st and 2nd.

I have talked about how CrossFit pushes and redefines your limits, brings you to places physically and mentally that you didn’t know existed for you, and surrounds you with a community of support and encouragement. All of this from a few hours a week in a gym with no fancy machines that doesn’t boast the secret or the solution to anything, that doesn’t ask anything of you except that you try your hardest and do what you can to encourage others to do the same. With all the hype in the fitness world about silver bullets and magic powders, what could be so great about CrossFit?

The author of the Chris Spealler article poses a similar question (paraphrased): How can we find so much inspiration just from watching some guy lift weights? Even just 6ish weeks into what I now know is going to be WAY more than just 90 days of CrossFit, her answer inspired me and resonated with every experience I have had since that first round of Tabata squats.

Because of this crazy CrossFit thing. Because CrossFit inspires us in ways we never dreamed of before. We go to the gym and we become better athletes … and then better friends, better parents, better people. And it all starts in the gym, doing CrossFit together.”

To read the rest of the article, go here.

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4 Responses to Day 43: Feeling Inspired

  1. Kyle says:

    Thanks for sharing! Watching some of the regionals competition this weekend was amazing. We live close and were able to hop over to watch some of the team and men’s competition on Saturday. A guy from our gym was competing. Crossfit is fun, addicting, makes you dread going and yet leaves you craving the next WOD.

  2. joyintheday says:

    so true!! I attended Regionals this weekend and left feeling absolutely inspired on so many levels. keep it up sister:)

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