Day 43: Paleo Challenge Week 2

Today marks the start of week 2 of the Paleo Challenge that my gym is putting on. The rules are pretty simple: Eat paleo, don’t drink caffeine or alcohol, get lots of sleep, and do lots of WODs. You get varying points for each of those items, plus additional points for eating at least 5 meals a day, taking fish oil, and having a recovery drink or meal after a WOD. After a rough start last Monday where I only totaled 4 points since I only ate 1 meal the whole day, I averaged about 15-20 points per day and was feeling pretty solid. Until I went to enter my points on the group chart, that is. Turns out that even with 114 points total, I’m currently in 10th place out of 14! Not as good as I thought!

So this week it’s time to get even MORE serious about eating paleo, I guess. The thing I have been struggling with the most, as I’ve sort of mentioned before, is that it’s hard for me to really want to eat that much meat. Traditionally I have eaten meat about 3-5 days per week, and on the other days have eaten pasta, quinoa, or stir fries with rice. Unfortunately all those options are out when you are eating paleo, which means you have to bring a lot more protein into the picture in order to get full. However since beans and dairy are no-nos, adding protein basically means meat. I am starting to come around to it a little, but I haven’t really found a great balance yet. It’s not that I don’t like meat, but if I eat it too much I just feel sort of blah. I also like to be conscious of the environmental impact my food has, and meat – even organic, grass-fed meat – is really high on the impact scale.

If you eat paleo, how do you deal with the extreme amounts of meat? Do you have a favorite paleo recipe or cookbook? I have Everyday Paleo and have also gotten some ideas from the internet. On Friday the BF and I are tentatively planning to host a Paleo Dinner for all the folks from our gym, and since we don’t have a grill (that would be the easy way to do it!), I think we are going to try to make paleo sushi! I have found some cool ideas online, like using smashed avocado instead of rice and using coconut aminos instead of soy sauce. I doubt I will go as far as ordering coconut aminos, but I think that you could also use mashed sweet potatoes instead of rice to hold the sushi together.

Tonight’s WOD is taken from the SW Regional CrossFit Games that happened this weekend – 4 rounds of 10 kettlebell snatches at 55 lbs (for women, 70 lbs for men) and 200 m sprints. It has been rainy and crappy all day today but it’s starting to clear up, hopefully it will be nice a cool for tonight’s WOD. Sprinting is very much not my forte, but let’s be honest – when it comes to CrossFit, do I have a forte?

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  1. Check out She put together a Paleo Cookbook called Well Fed. It’s AMAZING. Seriously. Plus – you can download a PDF sample for free.

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