Day 35: Paleo Challenge

Whoa, it has been a big weekend.

Yesterday I worked for 14 hours. You would think that on a Saturday, I wouldn’t be working at all. Oh, but you would be wrong. I worked for 9 hours catching people as they zoomed towards me on a zipline, then worked for an additional 5 hours chatting and taking drink orders at a nearby tavern. I mean, ziplining is fun but ziplining for 8 hours and then 5 hours of being exceedingly talkative and bubbly is exhausting. Also I would like to take the time now to point out that no, I have not yet seen the new South Park episode about ziplining. But I bet it’s pretty accurate.

Anyway, because of my double-shift I missed the kick-off to my gym’s Paleo Challenge coming up, so had to make it up today. Starting tomorrow, I think there are about 20 or 30 of us who are going to be eating strict Paleo for the next 30 days. We get points for each Paleo meal we eat, plus bonus points for things like taking fish oil, drinking 2 liters per day of water, getting 8 hours of sleep, and doing 3 or more WODs each week. We lose points for caffeine, alcohol, and cheat meals. The BF isn’t doing the challenge since, as I’ve mentioned, he needs massive amounts of calories to survive, but I am going for it. I’m pretty excited. Since starting Crossfit, I have transitioned to about 60%-70% Paleo, but haven’t really had the motivation to make the last push and go for it. And all the people at my gym are super supportive, so I have high hopes for this coming month! We also took some “before” photos and measurements, and I don’t remember what all of mine were, but I did notice that I have lost a full inch from my butt since my original measurements last month!

I am also excited because I think that the 2nd month of Crossfit is the perfect time to do something like this. My body is no longer in shock (most of the time, anyway), and is even starting to get into the rhythm of muscle recovery. Also as far as weight loss, I still have only lost about 3 lbs. since starting Crossfit, although I am continuing to notice the composition of my body changing. I think that now that I’m in more of a routine with my workouts, going the extra mile and spending a month eating strictly Paleo might help me shed just a little bit of weight.

As the last component of the challenge, this morning we did “Jackie,” a benchmark WOD that consists of 1000 m of rowing, 50 Thrusters at 45 lbs, and 30 pull-ups. After my day of zipline-catching yesterday (which included a lot of pulling people towards me while they were suspended in mid-air slash trying to roll backwards away from me while I tried to keep my footing on a platform on the side of a hill), my shoulders and upper back were pretty exhausted. I didn’t feel very strong for the WOD and finished in 14 minutes flat, but we will do it again in a month to see what our progress is. I was pretty happy with my performance on the rowing part, though – 2 summers of raft guiding finally paid off!

This also means that I am going to get a lot more annoying with the food journal posts, and I hopefully will also be posting some paleo recipes! Stay tuned and have a great Monday!

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2 Responses to Day 35: Paleo Challenge

  1. StacyLynne says:

    Good Luck! Our box just started a challenge as well this weekend in which I am partaking. Glad our test in was not Jackie. Jackie sucks!!

  2. Jodi says:

    Good Luck… I would love for my gym to have a challenge. I might mention it tomorrow. I would love to see your recipes and food log. It might keep me motivated to eat paleo! 🙂

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