Day 29: The Real World vs Real Life

So, remember how I said that I was excited to get into Crossfit because I am excited for the benefits of increased strength and endurance when it comes to the outdoor activities that I love? Well, rowing a big inflatable boat this weekend (and grunting and sweating while doing it) really made that even more tangible for me, and I am super excited to get back in the box (apparently that is what you call your Crossfit gym if you want to sound like you know what you’re talking about) tonight!

This weekend was amazing, people. Amazing. Mid-80s, sunny, no wind (which is unheard of), and just as full of turkey sandwiches, pasta, beer, and cheese as I had hoped it would be. Getting out there was huge – I miss the river so much, and I especially miss the people who I go on the river with. Having just moved to the city after a few years living the seasonal life as raft guides and ski bums, the BF and I talk a lot about the difference between Real Life and The Real World. The Real World is where people have jobs and worry about how much those jobs pay and let other people define them based on those job titles, where you plan meetings and schedule lunch dates and set alarm clocks. In many ways, it seems that if you exist outside of The Real World, your life choices are somehow less legitimate and important. People don’t care how happy or unhappy you are, they just care about your titles and the people you know and the companies you’ve worked for. But, Real Life is what happens when you stop worrying about The Real World and start living from the heart. Real Life is the life we get out on the river, where it doesn’t matter what time it is, or how fast you are moving, or how far you have left to go. What matters is sharing moments and pushing limits and paying attention to what’s going on around you. In some ways I think that the biggest difference between The Real World and Real Life is that last component. In The Real World, our focus can be so internal and so specific that we fail to notice the big picture, and the amazing things that happen around us all the time are totally ignored. But on the river, in the mountains, on a bike, or a pair of skis, or even just on a porch in the sun with your family, Real Life can show up and suddenly you realize that you are part of something much bigger and much more important than you can fathom. It’s hard to have those moments when your day is scheduled in 15-minute increments.

How does this relate to Crossfit, to fitness in general, to setting a goal and going for it? I think that pursuing a healthy lifestyle is one of the cornerstones of Real Life – by recognizing that your body is the most important and precious tool you have, that in reality you actually have nothing if you don’t have your health, you take a step away from The Real World, and start making time for yourself. Especially in Crossfit, I feel like I have opened the door to a whole new set of eye-opening experiences. Pushing your limits is definitely part of Real Life.

Tonight’s WOD is apparently called “Hammer.” I don’t imagine I will do the prescribed weight, but this is what we are looking at.

5 rounds timed separately:

135# power clean, 5 reps

135# front squat, 10 reps

135# jerk, 5 reps

20 pullups

Rest 90 seconds

So much for my back being back to normal after 2 days of hobbling around like an old woman last week. Also I can’t promise that my post tomorrow won’t involve an MC Hammer song. In fact, it might be a requirement.

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3 Responses to Day 29: The Real World vs Real Life

  1. Kelsi says:

    Hi Claire! I’m Kelsi, a good old friend of your boyfriend, and I still live over in Wisconsin. I have never met you but I’ve been reading your blog and living vicariously through your progress. In January I injured my knee, badly. I have been walking with a limp ever since, so no kickboxing or dancing for me. I’ve put on weight and it’s been really discouraging. BUT… I have surgery in two days. I will need to recover from the operation and then go through rehab and physical therapy, but reading your blog keeps me motivated to look ahead towards what I can do once I am healed. I have HATED sitting on my butt all the time, slowly turning into a blob. I love the inspiration pics and quotes you find. Keep up the good work (you seem pretty awesome) and say hi to B-Star for me! Take care, Kelsi

    • Hi Kelsi! Thanks so much for reading, your positive feedback really means a lot. That sucks about your knee – I remember reading something about it during a routine Brandon-Facebook-Stalking Sesh 🙂 When you recover you should come out to Denver and do a WOD with us!

  2. Mallory says:

    Love your Blog. Keep it coming!! I really enjoyed this post…thanks for the inspiration.

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