Day 21: Adventure Inspiration

I can’t believe it’s already been 3 weeks since I started this blog! Taking the weekend off from Crossfit, let me tell you, has been so great. Yesterday morning I got a haircut, then took a nap and was lazy all day. The BF and I went on a fancy date last night – he even wore a suit! – and then were in bed by 9:30, reading The Hobbit out loud. My life is pretty exciting, guys. Today has been equally relaxing, though plans for a nice run have been foiled by a headache that will NOT go away. So I might just take a nap. Again.

With the few fitspo posts that I’ve done, I started noticing that the people I post are not exactly the kind of inspiration I’m always looking for. They are incredible fit and obviously motivated, but I am not in this to make it to the Crossfit Games or to compete as a fitness model. I am in this because I want to push myself to the next level as an athlete but ultimately as an adventurer. I want to use Crossfit to push my hiking, trail running, climbing, and skiing to the next level.

So, here is some Adventure Inspiration. I had so much fun finding these photos that I can tell you this will not be the last of posts like this.

(As always, these images are not mine, but are mostly from Pinterest, Tumblr, and various Google searches. If any of these images belong to you and you would like them removed, please contact me and I will be happy to oblige ASAP).

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