Day 14: Not Carrying the Team

This is not what happened yesterday.

Ow. Ow ow ow. WHY would anyone think that doing hundreds – HUNDREDS – of reps of ANYTHING is a good idea?? I am going to be asking myself this question for probably the next several days.

Yesterday morning’s WOD was incredibly intense. It was a Partner WOD, and luckily I was partnered with the Boyfriend otherwise I would have been totally done for. Let’s just say that I didn’t exactly carry our team.

Our warm-up was 1/2 mile of skipping around the neighborhood (apart from how odd I’m sure this appeared to the people who live around the gym, everyone was saying, “We never skip! This is so weird!” – I’m not sure if I believe them or if they were just saying that for the sake of us newbies), followed by a few squats, lunges, shoulder stretches, and a 1-minute handstand hold. And the workout? 30 Pull-Ups, 75 Burpees, 100 Box Jumps, 150 Push Presses (35# for me, 45# for BF), 250 Sit Ups, 250 Squats, and then a 1-mile run. Yeah. PS, that was the modified WOD that probably about 1/3 of us did, while the others did 50 Pull-Ups, 100 Burpees, 150 Box Jumps, 200 Push Presses, 250 Sit Ups, and 300 Squats followed by a 1-mile run.

The way it worked was that while one person was doing reps, the other would go out and run 200 meters (thus adding at least an additional mile of running to the WOD). When they got back, you would swap out – so the other person would start doing reps while the 1st person went out to run. The reps were cumulative – so for example I did the first 18 pull-ups while BF was running, then he came back in and only had to do 12 more. I’m pretty sure that was the only move where I did the bulk of the work… Luckily for me, BF is a runner so I only had 45 seconds or so to get going before he was already back and it was time for me to run. I am a MUCH slower runner, and I wasn’t exactly sprinting – in fact I was sort of using the run as a cool-down in-between sets – thus he ended up doing a lot more work than I did. I think it scaled itself pretty well, though… Meaning the morning after, we are WRECKED.

At the beginning of the workout TJ said, “Look at the reps and decide whether you want to do the modified or the full version. I expect people to finish in about 35 minutes.” I don’t think anyone finished in under 45 minutes, and the average I think was closer to an hour. It took us 55 minutes almost exactly. Not exactly how I was planning on spending my Saturday morning. Welcome to CrossFit. For real this time.

(Side Note: Happy Easter! I will be celebrating – and recovering – by eating homemade biscuits and gravy with my grandparents… Not worrying about Paleo today!)

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One Response to Day 14: Not Carrying the Team

  1. Shanny says:

    I absolutely love that picture…..the woman is all calm and cool and the guy is looking rather worried!

    I told my boyfriend we were going to do that one day and he couldn’t stop laughing. Ah well….I will find another hunky guy to haul around then! 😉

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