Day 8: More Thoughts on Paleo


Last week I talked a little bit about the Paleo diet, what that means, and the basics of what you can and can’t eat. And, that sadly, pizza and beer land themselves squarely on the “Can’t Eat” list. You can check out that post here. If you are super unfamiliar with Paleo, I suggest checking out this fun little infographic for more info, as I am not going to go too far into the specifics of Paleo in this post.

Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about Paleo in the past few days. When we first started talking about Paleo during our 2nd Crossfit class, I felt like I already had my mind made up. The boyfriend and I had tried it for a week or two once, and found that a no-grain diet was not practical for us (read: him). BF needs literally 3000 calories a day to sustain himself, and doing that without potatoes, oatmeal, or at least a PB+J or two is not only difficult but also much more expensive. In addition to that, cheese is basically my favorite food, and the BF is from Wisconsin, which apparently means that part of his cultural identity requires him to eat as much cheese as possible at all times. Add to this the not least-of-all consideration that we are self-professed beer snobs and have even begun brewing our own beer in the past few months, and you end up with a diet full of foods that a paleolithic caveman wouldn’t recognize in 2 million years (…see what I did there?). I should also mention that the BF was vegetarian for years, even vegan for a while, and though he now is back to being an omnivore, neither of us really likes to eat too much meat. Very un-Paleo.

This is what a normal day of food for me looks like:

Breakfast – a Chobani with about 1/4 cup of organic granola (the ingredients for which are steel cut oats, honey, and canola oil)

Lunch – a salad, usually with 3 or 4 veggies and a protein; or a burrito with rice, beans, a protein, a few veggies, and maybe some potatoes.

Snack – carrot sticks (I eat an absurd amount of carrots)

Dinner – varies wildly. Anything from nachos to pizza, to veggie stir fry or a kale smoothie and some brown rice. Chips and salsa are commonly involved as well, and usually I’ll drink at least 1/2 of a beer.

Things in this list that are not Paleo: Chobani, granola, almost all of the ingredients in a burrito, nachos and pizza (sadly), any grain that would be associated with a stir fry, the pineapple juice that I use in my kale smoothies, brown rice, chips, any added sugar that might be found in salsa, beer. Sigh.

BUT I have decided, in the spirit of really doing this Crossfit thing 110% and pushing my body into its prime, to give Paleo another shot. I started easing myself into Paleo this afternoon when I opted for Indian leftovers without the rice, then for dinner we made a pretty tasty veggie stir-fry that didn’t have any potatoes, rice, or quinoa involved. Tomorrow I am subsituting hardboiled eggs for Chobani and leftover stir-fry in place of my burrito. Buffalo-stuffed peppers are on the menu tomorrow night, and Paleo Butter Chicken the night after. Maybe I’ll even see a difference by Thursday’s workout with 3 days of Paleo under my belt.

Or I will just end up laying on the floor making a sweat angel, panting like an overheated dog.

Probably the last option.

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3 Responses to Day 8: More Thoughts on Paleo

  1. Good luck on your Paleo trial. Also, don’t get down on yourself if in the end you decide to resume your normal eating habits. And ignore anyone who tries to lay on a guilt trip. We’re all individuals and have to do what works for us.

  2. Becky says:

    I know I already commented on the paleo diet on another post, but you should check out my metabolic typing post on my blog. It talks about how different diets work better for different people because of their heritage. Your boyfriend sounds like he does perfectly fine without meat, but that may not be the case for you. My boyfriend and I tried vegetarian and vegan for a while and I realized I don’t get full without meat. So work on developing a diet that makes you feel at your peak and the best. You might have already done that now being on day 73 or so of your journey.

    • I totally agree–and have experienced–that everyone definitely needs to eat differently for their own bodies, whether that’s because of heritage or whatever. My boyfriend thinks he has an “ectomorph” metabolism – to be honest I have no idea what that means but to him it means that his body responds the best when he feeds it medium-sized meals throughout the day instead of taking in lots of food at once only at certain times. He does fine without meat but he needs carbs to feel full. I do ok without meat but definitely need protein to feel full. I talk about this a bit in later posts, but I do start to feel sluggish and kind of just blah when I eat meat more than a few times a week, so paleo was a little tough because typically I would eat cheese or beans instead of meat to get the full feeling, which are not technically paleo. I spent about a month eating almost-totally paleo, but since have gone back to adding brown rice and some beans, as well as some corn tortillas (and tortilla chips, my #1 vice!) into my diet.

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